This Year is a Disaster

Just kidding! We’re looking forward to a lot this year!

While we’re going to be away for a few months caring for our son to be, there’s still going to be stuff happening.

Alex is working on a game for PC and our phone system that’s done in the style of a “Choose Your Own Adventure” game. Shhhhh…. Don’t get in trouble.

We here at AF call them Dial to Move Forward, or DTMF games! Get it? Like Dual-tone Multi-frequency, but not.

We’re also hard at work on extra episodes that we’ll be putting out while we’re taking time off, so you’ll have just as much or possibly more content than while we’re normally rocking in the free world!

How’s that for a great beginning to 2020?

Oh, and remember, don’t sign papers w/ the year 20, use the full year. That way nobody can write in something like “1/10/20yourmom!” to screw up your super important legal paperwork.

Thanks for listening everybody! Remember you can leave us a voicemail that we’ll play on the podcast at 737-800-1776. If you do, we’ll have more junk for everybody to listen to, and you’ll kinda be like a little bit famous there just for about 30 seconds.

Happy listening!

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