Finally You Updated Something!

Hola Fasters!

We finally posted most of the missing episodes on the website, right here! I have been slacking a bit whilst setting up our phone system, its menu, editing episodes, all that kind of junk. I’m also working on a novel right now, so I think I deserve some slack for slacking off…

Anyway, we’ve got some interesting news! We’ve been getting great voicemails from folks that are super funny, so we’ll be starting our next few episodes with the ones we’ve received. That means if you leave us a vm on our phone line, you’ll get played on an episode of Accidentally Fasting!

You can find our number in our episodes and Instagram stories. We don’t want to get a bunch of hooligans prank calling our voicemail with robots, so we’re not posting it here. That said, we’re also going to try to get some entertaining prank calls for bonus episodes. The calls have been pretty boring so far, but we may post them, we can’t decide.

Either way, how exciting, amirite?!

Thanks for listening. If you’ve got any suggestions or comments, track down our number and leave us a voicemail!


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