Difficult Discussion at Fasting HQ

Hey Fasters, we’ve got some changes coming up in the near future. They may be a bit hard to swallow, but we really want your feedback.

tl;dr We’re not going to support YouTube by uploading full episodes of the podcast anymore because we’re afraid of randomly losing the channel one day.

YouTube’s been a bit of a strange beast for us. We’re still trying to figure out how to handle our actual podcast episodes. There’s a part of our audience that listens specifically on YouTube that we don’t want to alienate, but we also want to steer clear of digging ourselves into the whole that many other content creators have. They’re not a creator friendly platform. One of the things we’re concerned about is our channel magically disappearing one night whilst we all sleep.

While we’re still going to be sharing our videos and content there, Katie and Alex have been tossing back and forth ideas of changing our primary video release platform. While we’re thinking and playing with other sites, we’ll still be posting videos on our YouTube channel. If nothing else, we’ll at least be reposting there.

As of right now, all that means is you’ll unfortunately have to listen to our podcast episodes on one of the several other platforms we publish to, like iTunes and Stitcher. Feel free to voice your opinion. We would all love to hear from you. If you have suggestions or comments, either drop them on one of our existing videos, or reach out to us via email, or even better, leave us a voice message on anchor that we can play on the podcast!

Above all, we thank you for listening. We promise we’re trying to do what’s best for all you fasters down the road.

Thanks for listening, reading, and supporting us!

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